Mama Lam's Story

Leaving your family behind to start a new life in a different country is hard. Mama Lam is Malaysian Chinese and arrived in New York City in the 80's. Although the city is a “melting pot”, it did not offer many Malaysian curry options that made her feel like home. So, she resorted to creating her own recipe that her children grew up enjoying.
Each batch of our product is made with a touch of Mama Lam’s love.

curry veg plate.jpg

all began...

The Summer of 2014 when my mom, sister and I were traveling and came across a Southeast Asian food stand and thought, "Hey Ma, your sauce is so much better!" Ever since then, we have started the journey of perfecting the recipe, finding the right ingredients, and then piecing it altogether. In 2016, we finally launched Mama Lam’s to bring our curry pastes and hot sauces to market.

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do!